There are so many different devices in my organization, employees are using their own smartphones and tablets, how do I get in control and how do I keep my costs under control?

Mobco enables Mobile Management and allows you to translate the function of the employee into a mobile configuration. The management platform configures, manages and secures just any mobile device, and that’s including Windows 10 laptops and MacBooks. Every employee will save time getting connected to the enterprise mail and network, your IT department will be able to handle three times more devices with the same headcount and your employees will appreciate a lot how easy it is to use their mobile devices. If roaming costs are a concern, we ensure you get granular tools to keep it perfectly under control – in real time.

Mobco can offer you a Mobility Management platform to configure, manage and secure your mobile fleet of smartphones, tablets and PC’s. 

When you want to save money on configuration and support to enable mobility in your business, you should evaluate which Management platforms fits to your needs. At Mobco we have build a Mobile Intelligence Lab where you experience the true value each platform can bring to your business, a time-saving exercise guided by an experienced consultant. What better way to find out if Enterprise Mobility Management can enable more flexibility and more efficiency in your company?

Business customers with this mobility management platform enabled experience the need to mobilize their Intranet. Opening a link – you received in an email – to a local server should always work, also when you are not in the office.