I have this great device, I get all my personal data enabled on this thing, but connecting to the corporate infrastructure is a challenge, getting my business mail is even a bigger challenge – how difficult can it be?

It’s not difficult at all, and it’s true you shouldn’t be worrying about technology. Mobco’s mission is to mobilize your business and that means we will take away mobile complexity so you can focus on your day-to-day challenges, and that’s not configuring a mobile device. Mobilizing an IT infrastructure is not a difficult taks, but it requires integration with the existing components and involves your IT team. We know that we can provide your IT team the tools so they can manage all these mobile devices in a cost efficient way, without hiring extra people. Making sure you have an easy connection and secure device will not only save you a lot of time and frustration, it will make you more efficient – you need the tools to do your work, on just any device!

Configuring a mobile device is not the task of the employee, that’s a challenge we like to facilitate, that’s our business – so you can focus on what’s important for you.

Figuring out if your business needs an Enterprise Mobility Management platform to reduce the mobile IT operational cost and takes away the mobile complexity is not a easy question. Our expert consultants can assist you in this study, but most important can also show you the possibilities of such a platform – beyond simple email and pincodes. Hands-on experience for you as an employee, is part of our offering so can you tell if the selected platform fits your needs – an appreciated advantage of working with Mobco and using the Mobile Intelligence Lab!

Connecting to the corporate wifi is certainly interesting when you are on-site or in the corporate building, but we know from experience, you will probably want the very same functionality when you are on 4G or at home on wifi – remote access will provide you an even greater value!