The Mobco Academy end-user trainings are aimed both at employees of our Mobile IT customers AND at professionals who do not necessarily rely on an IT department, but who want to use their mobile tools in a professional way.

The end-user trainings go beyond the apps we sell and integrate at Mobco, it’s about what’s being used the most in large organizations up to small companies. Keywords in our offering are paperless, documents and collaboration.

A brief overview of our offering:


If you want to go completely paperless and you want to learn how to collect and share notes, images, website pages with your colleagues on a mobile device, subscribe for the hands-on Evernote workshop.

Tablet University

Or perhaps the Tablet University is what you are looking for. There you learn what essential apps and techniques you can apply in your job to share and write documents when you’re on the road, with the certainty that your information is protected.

Collaboration Tools

If you have a problem with the wide range of collaboration tools you can find on the Internet and you don’t know which one is perfect for your professional life, you could perhaps opt for the “collaboration tools workshop“. There, different kinds of applications are discussed as well as governance policies, which are essential for mobile collaboration to succeed.

Note: You don’t need to be a technical wizard to follow these courses. Only a basic knowledge of tablet use is required.
The aim is that every tablet user expands his mobile expertise to bring out the best of his/her tablet (iPad or Android).

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