It’s not only about the fact there are so many (different) devices, it’s just getting too complex for my team to keep up with the constant change in mobile OS versions, app versions. My operational cost is exploding and soon I will be doing nothing but mobile …

Mobco has a long track record in making enterprise IT department more efficient when it concerns mobile IT. We deliver and integrate both the tools and the services to ensure your shrinking IT team and budget can cope with the growing mobile fleet. Managing mobility is a fairly new discipline in IT, but by working with Mobco you actually outsource the mobile complexity while keeping full control over the data, configuration and overall management. Mobco’s challenge is to mobilize your existing infrastructure AND to reduce you operational cost to manage the mobile devices. We don’t solve this by moving simply everything to the cloud, on the contrary, our mission is to enable or mobilize what exists – let’s say we try to make the most (mobile) of what exists in your infrastructure.

Our mission is to mobilize your existing infrastructure en to reduce your operational cost, that means we eliminate the mobile complexity and make mobile easier for everybody, that for IT and the end-user.

Mobilizing an existing IT infrastructure is an important project with lots of choices to make, one and most important is the actual Enterprise Mobility Management platform to use. With our Mobile Intelligence Lab we provide you a hands-on experience of most important management solutions our there. A cost effective and fast way to identify what’s the best platform that will integrate in your environment; crucial for maximizing the efficiency of the platform.

While evaluating how to manage, control and secure mobile devices, we see business customers also mobilizing their intranet resources to fully benefit from their mobility investment.