Corporate information is available on just any device, and it’s beyond my control. How can I get back in control to ensure my secrets remain secret AND in a way my employees will accept it when they’re using their own devices?

Mobco looks at every possible security angle in mobility projects. The actual ownership of the device, BYOD-COPE-…, is of no importance; our mission is to ensure that what is secret also remains secret and 100% within your typical DLP on just any device. We achieve this by implementing some basic settings on mobile devices that protect the employee from for example copying corporate information to locations or apps outside of your control AND we make sure your corporate infrastructure get mobilized – but also better protected! A key example we frequently hear is “our boss wants to enable mail on his iphone, but now we have an internet facing server where hackers can challenge our passwords”, that’s not what we call best practice. Our team of experts will advise you how to solve such architectural challenges without major changes, but with simple configurations and add-ons.

Mobile devices carry the latest generation of operating systems, we enable the security mechanism to guarantee the security of the device, the app and the data that belongs to your company.

Every OS vendor has great whitepapers on how the security model is build up. We complement these by implementing robust architectures where both data security and availability are part of the mobility projects. Our consultants can explain you the most important security challenges and how to mitigate them by evaluating your current infrastructure. Our business is to mobilize your business, to mobilize your IT infrastructure, that’s what we do and have done for many enterprise customers, finance customers and public institutions that value security of their data.

Securing mobile devices, apps and content is the most important step in a mobility project. It is an absolute requirement before opening up internal resources, such as the intranet – an interesting next step to consider.