Book Meeting Room is the new – too simple to be true – enterprise productivity app !

The Book Meeting Room app does exactly what it promises to do: it books a meeting room !
When the app opens it automatically scans the room listing for available meeting rooms and allows the user to book the room with just one touch, it’s just too simple.

In too many organizations people are faced with too little available meeting rooms and a rigid booking system; it’s just not convenient to open up your laptop while walking around trying to figure out where to sit and chat with your colleagues …
The Book Meeting Room app fixes that problem in just one action.

GREAT Experience

When the app opens it scans for available rooms. When the users hits an available room, it’s booked for 15 minutes.
The Book Meeting Room app makes sure those quick chats don’t undermine your entire booking system while keeping the user experience high.
This is a true efficiency gain thanks to mobile !

NO Configuration

The app doesn’t require ANY configuration by the user, only the Exchange password needs to be set.
Server address, username, rooms, … everything is set automatically by the Mobile Device Management software AppConnect enabled Mobileiron (*).

TOP Security

The app doesn’t need a ‘generic VPN tunnel’ to connect safely to the corporate resources, it uses the AppTunnel technology provided by the Mobileiron Sentry (*).
When opening the app is triggers the Sentry secure connection and travels from that point to the internal Exchange Webservices component, no user interaction is required !

NO Extra Servers or Infrastructure

What’s even more interesting is that the Book Meeting Room app doesn’t require any additional servers or infrastructure !
The Book Meeting Room app is configured by your Mobileiron AppConnect configuration support, it uses the AppTunnel secured access to your corporate network and interfaces with your Exchange Webservices component on your mail infrastructure.
Put the Book Meeting Room app in your Enterprise StoreFront and empower your employees !

BOOST Productivity

This app reduces dramatically the wasted time people wonder through the building corridors looking for an available meeting room. Every minute counts at least double, if they’re only two people, or triple, or more…
Saving those wasted minutes pays back the app right from the first time it’s used !
And what’s also great about it, it’s doesn’t require any additional components, so no extra worries for your IT department and thus no extra cost !

Download the Book Meeting Room app now from the iOS AppStore and see for yourself how easy it can be !

Go to the technical resource section to learn about the Mobileiron VSP and Sentry settings.

Contact us for iDEP enabled versions for inhouse distribution.

(*) The app is compatible with the upcoming iOS 7 configuration and per-app-VPN support.