How to set-up the app

Ensure you have the BookMeetingRoom app included in your enterprise storefront and linked to the right label.
Create an AppConnect configuration profile (for now the policy is not applicable due to the nature of the app).

Bundle ID is

Include the AppTunnel information when required, we suggest you do use this feature to enhance your network security !
In our example the mail server internal URL is, this is tunneled using the EWS service enabled on the Sentry serving the AppTunnels.
All traffic passes on 443 and a local CA on the Mobileiron is used to authenticate the device on the Sentry.
Continue with the Key-Value pairs:
  • What is the default time of the short meeting? (can be changed by the user in the defaults, or per meeting). appconnect_duration_default: 15
  • The email of the user. appconnect_email: $EMAIL$
  • The user ID of the user to log in to the EWS of Exchange. appconnect_userid: office\$USERID$
  • The user password (this works only at time of registration when ‘remember password’ is enabled on the VSP and user/password is the registration method). We suggest to prompt the user for the password first time the app opens. appconnect_password: $PASSWORD$
  • The Exchange server on which the EWS are enabled, this is the internal server name !
    appconnect_server : (example)
  • The default meeting topic (users can change this).
    appconnect_subject_default : Quick Meeting booked by Mobile App
  • The roomlist address the app will use to download the entire listing of rooms.
    appconnect_roomlist_1 : (example)