With this lab we allow mobile engineers, business owners and security specialist to evaluate and experience what mobile IT means for their business.

Mobile IT is about the User Experience, if this is ok, the rest will follow and we guarantee operational efficiency in the back-end combined with a full Data Loss Prevention policy.

The lab benefit:

It’s a lab and that means you can test, compare and evaluate different management platforms and different mobile devices.
The lab is set-up to allow companies that are deciding on their mobility strategy to define better define the project and technology AND for our existing customers who want to validate if they’re using the full potential of their infrastructure.

Mobile IT changes fast and it’s necessary to continuously explore new possibilities!

The lab is unique:

We have created a “best practice” set-up that includes all the major components we find at our customer’s infrastructure.

From our experience we have included in the mobile set-up Secure Email (without password requirement), Secure Intranet Access and Documents, combined with Office 365 (we use for editing the documents).

We are using all on-premise infrastructure such as AD, SharePoint, Exchange, NAS, … but we can interchange every component with a cloud component without sacrificing any of the security or Data Loss Prevention measures.

So in this Lab you will be able to enjoy the best possible mobile experience on iOS, Android and Windows.

But that’s not all.

Depending on what you expect from your mobile IT project and the integration you desire, we have built this “best practice” mobile experience on the major EMM platforms out there.

This way you can investigate what platform suits your needs best. Maybe it’s cloud or on-premise, maybe it’s the integration with PKI that’s more important or the security of the email traffic, …

When selecting an EMM platform we have experienced our customers all have different infrastructures, mobility needs, OS, apps, … and it is impossible to do a textbook evaluation of all these things given the speed of change.

What if you would have the ability to see every EMM platform in action?

Well, that’s what we did!

the Lab services:

  1. Learn and experience the mobile best practices in terms of end-user experience, and find out what mobility truly means for the business.
  2. Compare EMM platforms 1 on 1 to validate what is the best fit for your IT infrastructure.

Both services are accompanied by expert mobile IT consultants, it’s a ‘guided’ lab experience since we want to ensure you get the most out of your time in the lab.

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